The wilds and the pvp in the wilds

bring back the wilds and all of the pvp fun


The entire overworld is PvP now!
Got jumped at the teleport pillar and was in combat before I could see my screen! Well played LZ!

I wasn’t the one that got u in combat first, that was hipman, then i came after grinding there at old growth

Haha, well played in any case. Was testing out streaming with virtual desktop to quest2 , but had problems with getting sound.
Did you enjoy the bunch of expired armbands?

I didn’t pick that up, luckily, Yeah well played

I don’t see any reason why there can’t be a wilds zone. Put some mobs out there and have them drop a transmog or some dyes. Then the game can have more pvp.

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Exactly, Kinda like the island but pvp with some transmog drops too

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