The Wilds pvp options

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set up 2 types of pvp in wild. one is the original in-game one - u kill as u want then being a bandit if survive.

2nd one is players could declare a pvp to other, effective after 30sec countdown once declaring. no bandit penalty for declaring pvp. ppl could run away before 30sec countdown is end if don’t want a fight or be killed. declaration would be waived if ppl run away in a certain reasonable distant (let dev to figure out the effective range).

at least players could use no.2 pvp to keep suspicious followers in certain distant, have enough time to let friends / teammates to pick up dropped loots and hand loots back later.

if u die alone in wild, then don’t expect u still can get back to corpse (loots).

attack before countdown is end, bandit feature would be switched on. of course, real robbers may use no.2 as their bandit escape. but at least no back stab from robbers…lol

if your party ignore any followers and fine for them, then you take your own risk by stealing corpses’ drops.

edit (1) - no declaration could be made to players in combat mode. (preventing from receiving a declaring pvp while killing mobs, and is ganked by players + mobs)

edit (2) - after a certain brain storming with replies - a more easy way is players’ dropped loots have a 30sec cooldown. pick up within cooldown - party mates are fine, non-party mates are becoming bandits. after 30sec cooldown, free to public. (it glows in red while in cd, back to normal glow after cd.)

What would keep large groups from using this to bully everyone out of the zone without risking going bandit themselves?

I can easily imagine groups declaring pvp on someone, attacking them before they can react and killing them without any penalty.

I think a better solution is to just keep your guard and be ready to kill anyone suspicious who gets close. If they do nothing untoward such as taking loot drops, etc., you can easily leave them be. If they try to nab something and make a run for it, kill them and wait out the bandit timer.

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yea… but they need to keep chasing you as well and stop doing anything before countdown is end.

so many possibilities in actual playing, trolls still would troll with bandit on anyway. you couldn’t prevent any trolls in-game no matter how fine the systems you’ve thought. human players’ behaviours and abilities to find the flaws are beyond anybody’s imagination.

at least there is an option to deal with a specific in-game behaviour in easy way.

I agree with the trolls will be trolls thing, but to me that makes the case that the system should be as straightforward and clear as possible, which is what it currently is. If you attack someone who isn’t a bandit, you become a bandit. Very easy to wrap your head around.

Once you start adding in secondary criteria and challenges and contextual non-bandit combat interactions, it gets weird fast. Like, if X challenges Y and they both stay in the area, do neither of them go bandit or just the one that issued the challenge? What if someone else comes up and attacks either of them? or heals one of them? what about their groupmates? do they get pulled in or are they prevented from participating unless they also issue the challenge? Seems like a rabbit hole.

there is a countdown, ppl have 30sec to prepare themselves. if still couldn’t react within 30sec, probably not suitable in wilds even without the feature i suggest.

p.s.i would edit my suggestion - no declaration be made to players in combat mode. (preventing from recived declaring pvp while killing mobs, and is ganked by players + mobs)

That is true. You can’t prevent trolling as it’s all down the player’s personality. Allowing people to avoid going bandit by letting them declare pvp first is effectively giving them a free pass.

The simple solution is: it’s the Wilds. If you attack someone, you become a bandit. If you don’t want to be attacked, you don’t go in or you do and you are very very cautious.

then u couldn’t stop any thieves, unless you want to be bandits for protecting yourself. (weird logical, right?)

my suggestion is a concept (a frame) for current suitation, certainly need to be improved (revisied) in details.

pick up a free bag from ground to make yourself a bandit (killable by any1) is a weird logic to me as well.

maybe a more easy way - players’ dropped loots have a 30sec cooldown. pick up within cooldown - party mates are fine, non-party mates are becoming bandits. after 30sec cooldown, free to public. (isn’t this nicer the pvp suggestion ?)

p.s. i like brain-storming lol

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Yeah, I think timers on the lootbags is a promising direction, and it sounded like the devs were thinking of trying something like that too. I could see that being pretty clear, if the bag is glowing red it means picking it up will make you go bandit or something.

hi-5 for brain storming…:raised_hand:


Well, you can’t technically stop them from thieving anyway because currently all loot is free-for-all until it’s claimed (by putting it in your bag). People think that if they put the hard work into killing a mob any loot that drops is automatically theirs. In PVE areas, players can only see their own loot drops so only they can gram them, but that obviously cannot be the case in the Wilds, right?

I do like the idea of a 30-second timer before loot becomes open to all without penalty.

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