The Wilds PVP warnings

Would if be possible to have a message pop up to say that you are leaving the Wilds(PVP) zone? I like the warning that we get going in, but it’d be nice to know when you are safe from players too.


I may be wrong but I don’t even think the current message is accurate.

I would assume you enter the wilds once you cross the texture line that separates the 2 zones.
The Entering message appears a good distance past the line.

I know for sure that’s the case when you leave because you can’t cast portals in The Wilds which was past the line.

The message is actually accurate, those texture lines really shouldn’t be there, they are the seams in the terrain (we are working on getting rid of them). The actual boundary where you cross into the “zone” itself is beyond that. And then you have to walk further the other way to “leave” the zone.

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I forgot to mention this but there was a few times when I have gone into the wilds (mainly greater lucian wilds) where I don’t see any monsters then my screen flickers and then 2 mobs are on top of me killing me. I think there might need to be a 10 sec immunity or have the mobs further back so you can’t get killed as you are just coming in the wilds.

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This is happening on most zone changes

Yep, I’ve had that too, jungle for me though, and not the Wilds. Got jumped by a bunch of star level mobs and ended up lost in the Frozen Spit, lol

Yeah, there are several zone transitions where this is pretty bad.

This is an real issue, A warning would be appropriate, I just walked into the wilds without knowing it until I had monsters and guards spawning upon me… Lost everything now since i can’t get it back… Worse is that I respawn in the wilds with monsters attacking me instantly so I don’t even have the time to recall to my house…

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