The Wolves Near Wenderwood

The Wolves Near Wenderwood stopped aggroing. I can kill them but they never attack you. It just started while I was there about 10 minutes ago.

are the other monsters aggroing you? also are these the quest specific wolves (demon) or normal wolves?

i was just about to make a post about this. i’ve just fought wolves before this i can go back real quick and test out the spirits and spiders as well

okay thatd be great thank you

ok so this si what i’ve sen thus far. absolutely no enemies are attacking what so ever. that’s wolves, sheep, sheep shifters, thieves, spirits, etc. the pilgrim and whiskey cart you escort are glitched in place.its also storming without cloud cover lol. and some enemies are even floating. including my baby dragon who isnt following me :frowning:

now would be the time to pull a gandalf and solo a boss lmao

ok thanks for the heads up well get this fixed right away, if posible can you send us a bug report using the launcher

yea should i copy the reply into the description?

just put floating wolfs, zone broke, ha well get it

got it thanks for the log, also should be fixed let me know if its not

yup we’re good we got aggro again. and the pilgrim and carts are not stuck in place anymore

Ok glad its fixed well look into what was causing it

Wow fast work!!!:grinning:

Me and SparkyTwo just had the same experiance… all of a sudden we had agro on Everything, however nothing moved.

They where ripe for the taking so to say :slight_smile:

[edit] The deamon wolf quest (All enemies in that area suffered the same bug)

Okay did it start right when the demon wolves quest started?

half way thru… bet its something to do with the helper quest npc

which quest is that, the Wolf Hunter that runs around the outside?

yes and the quest where we kill demon wolves

okay that helps me narrow it down thanks

Okay so when we do a patch, I removed the pathing Wolf Hunter that walks around with you but doesnt have anything to do with the actual objective of the quest, I want to see if that fixes the problem. Sorry for the problems.