Thief/Assassin class


Is a Thief/Assassin class planed?
When not vor reborn then mayby later?
I would like to play as an Assassin.

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There is one more class coming, we just don’t know what it is yet. We’ll find out in the next Reborn beta I think, February 22-24


how would these classes play?


I would like to have an assassin gated behind a brotherhood quest. A quest to get your blades.
Two stilettos one in each hand.

I would like mele focused on stabbing not slashing. (Feels more natural)

Maybe cross blades in front to catch an attack with a long cooldown.

I want a disengage / shadow step to stealth in and out of combat. (Teleport x meters back poof of smoke like smoke arrow) teleport back (re-engage) behind enemy , back Stab / sneak attack.

Maybe a throwing knife. Or slingshot.
(Poison pellots?) Oil pots to increase fire damage ? (Maybe just throw standard blades ?)

Pour poison on blades from a ‘potion’ (poison) bottle. Have to craft poisons. Do different effects damage vs stun vs elemental dots.

Have a blackjack to Interupt spell casts.

Food for thought.

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It could be heavily focused on player mobility and placement. Only people comfortable with the teleportation system and teleporting mid combat in and out of mele range could utilize the class to max potential.

It would also be amusing if the class could either engage their pvp from anywhere or when engaged in a safe zone. their names do not go red until they attack someone … which would add an extra element of realism to the game and make all wary of assassins.

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Allow them to ‘pick pockets’ (they can look in pvp enabled players bags while they are on their back and take 1 Item if they stand still for x amount of time. )

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If we couldn’t change jobs anywhere I would be okay with them being able to turn on PvP anywhere. But since we can, and my goodness gracious if it ever gets taken away I’ll be super irate, I think PvP would still have to be turned on in town as normal. I dig everything else though!

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Yea , I was leaning tward that thinking … otherwise everyone would use it as a pvp toggle… tho tbh … I don’t know if it’s a bad thing. Especially if it only allows them to turn it On not Off. People who don’t want to pvp will still not be bothered , it will just add more sneeky bsckstabbing to the game.

Or Assassin’s are ALWAYS pvp enabled.
Tho that would be harsh for pve-ers who just want to thief in dungeons.


I love the idea of being a Assassin.
With Daggers or Weapons like that.
Maybe with a extra “SkillTree” for Poison which one makes over the Weapon.

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