This Week's Major Mutations


We’ve been experiencing the same thing.


There are definitely issues with that AoE, but Fern has figured out how to deal with it, so, while annoying, it is possible.


Front aoe is messed up. seems to move with the dragon if the dragon attacks after the aoe is placed, forcing you to wait untill the fire breath animation starts before jumping, or you will be burned despite getting out of the red.


It seems like the dragon flips back and forth between an aoe in front of it and an aoe under/surrounding it. If I’m not mistaken, it used to just be the front aoe, which was easy to avoid. The problem is that it seems the “range” of it’s aoe is larger than it looks and it might have some issues with when it’s triggering vs when it’s visibly showing up. So it’s a matter of jumping far out to the side, then trying to get back in front, and getting the timing for it right. I had a bunch of deaths that neither me nor my party could see me in aoe. Couple that with our Indecisive modifier and sickness, and it makes it pretty unforgiving.


I think Unstable should deal more damage to the mobs to be balanced with the damage to players, right now it’s really low on mobs but it can kill a player in 3 hits.


Unstable seems to be killing players in 1-2 hits on higher tier shards. I guess that’s intended?

And the fact that it constantly AOEs every 4 seconds makes this boss super annoying. Since for some reason whenever an enemy does an AOE you deal reduced damage to it. I don’t understand why this is some mechanic of rule for every enemy in the game. Why is this mechanic taken for granted?


That mechanic was added back in beta because Logan solod a lv16 Ifrit at lv14 lol, but yeah i agree that mechanic shouldn’t affect bosses, it just makes the fight longer and boring.


The ifrit’s aoe 90% of a fight. Back in beta as a warrior you could solo them at almost any level because you’re never getting hit. Because of this they decided to reduce incoming damage while an aoe is active to prevent just wailing on a sitting duck.


It’s a really cool mutation but it’s brutal!


Let me just express my gratitude for the mutations… I love how much it requires the adjustment of strategies and approach for the dungeons. What people consider easy, can actually become challenging with the mutations. Shards have been a godsend for keeping the end-game entertaining. Bugs occur still and some adjusting needs to happen but for the most part, it’s a wonderful bit of content.


Should only apply to ifrits then!


We just ran a T6 Desert Crypt, Sickness on the Mech Bosses is very unbalanced because you already need one mage to focus on decurse, but since the sickness stacks up to 5 times and decurse only clears the last debuff, you need to clear all the sickness to be able to decurse the poison.
That requires 2 mages dedicate to actively decurse the party and having only one dps able to damage the bosses, making it the same fight as the pre-nerf Desert Crypt (day 1 shards) and also makes the fight too long to clear the whole dungeon in 30 minutes.

Side note about sickness: rapidity rangers gets 5 stacks in no time compared to the other classes and precision rangers, not a big deal but i figured i should ask if that was intended or not.


It is possible to do at t6 with this modifier because we were 5 seconds off with about 2 wipes on trash… Definitely possible. Not easy though… We also rolled with 2 decursers.


Are mutations changing this week?

Also, is world boss 3 still happening next Friday?



Honestly, they probably will not change until Monday, just because I am 100% focused right now on the free weekend stuff.

Yes, World Boss 3 next Friday.


Makes sense to me, thanks for the fast response. :slightly_smiling_face:


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