Thoughts on a new melee class

First things first, I’m a huge fan of everything about this game already. I’m excited specifically at the prospect of new classes though. One idea I had for a new class is the Knight. (maybe a bad hero name)

The Knight class would use a variety of two handed weapons, (Sword, Axe, Spear, Hammer) with a temporary block and taunt ability. Knights would play the role of an off tank, able to help tank when needed but still have a decent DPS. Really just a more offensive melee alternative, not as good defensively as the Warrior but much better attack.

There’s various ways to do the actual game play of the Knight, I figured the base attack would be the same system that the sword already has, just boosted damage. Possibly have it so the faster and cleaner your swing is with both controllers the more damage you do. The Taunt ability could be mapped to the main hand trigger and essentially replace the Sword Rush skill. Just hold down the trigger and attack, now your doing damage and pulling aggro. While the Block ability might be the off hand trigger/grip, and when pressed a Light Shield (Similar but different to Warriors) expands out from your off hand until you release, then it shrinks back down.

I’m sure this isn’t a unique enough idea for me to be the first to have it but I hadn’t seen many threads mentioning the interest in new classes so I figured I’d post the thoughts I had on the subject.

If there’s anything like this already happening or being developed please let me know.
Once again I’m just such a huge fan of this game already and I’m so excited to see how it’ll grow in the future.

Glad you are enjoying the game!

We have talked internally about some of the future classes and different ideas we have seen on the forums(Ill add this idea to the list) but right now we still have some class mechanics we want to add to our existings classes before launch.

Although future class ideas/disscussion is good, I just want to make sure no one is mis-informed about it. We will not be adding any new classes before launch, but that doesn’t mean you cant discuss ideas.


I love the idea of a two handed knight. Throw in some holiness. Boom! Paladin!


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Yeah it sounds pretty awesome

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I think what would be easy would be to make it to where the fighter can two-hand his sword to enter damage mode and get different abilities, kinda like how the musketeer can give themself different bullet loadouts.


Dual wielding swords would be increible! New Runemage spells that focus on necromancy would be increible too! Or summoning!


i like the idea of some sort of assassin class but not sure how that could be done

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I really like that idea, itd be awesome if you could see a high level Necromancer coming down the road because he has three minions in tow at all times.