Tileset runes placement


is there by any chance a option to move the runes higher or lower.

when fighting some monsters that are shooting/casting projectiles at you the runes will block out the vision of it sometimes, wich can get messy in higher shard dungeons.


wait, you need to see?

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Also runemage spells in general have too big explotions atm, making them cover up a lot of visual info when they hit a target, especially when using triplicity

The explotions are like 5 times bigger than oldbus


no i rather play blind.

ofc i want to see when theres a projectile coming at me wich would insta kill me. but the tiles block a lot of vision .


yeah i hear it alot when we are doing a shard especially when u activate triplicity its pure chaos.


Some (most?) of the time they also cover the tank’s HP bar completely, making it difficult to heal especially if you can’t move due to mechanics of the fight in question. Would be great to layer the HP bar over the spell effects, or some similar solution

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I rather see all the spells like 4x smaller in PvE. And the effects almost not there :man_shrugging:

Don’t see the layering work.

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And I have to try and see small red weak point dots through all that mess.


Affliction is especially bad, weak points? Nope sorry, don’t see them anywhere now


+1 on all of this. mages using triplicity? Say goodbye to being able to see. 2 mages doing this? just give up and play with your eyes closed.

I noticed a few things can cover projectiles, like mentioned above tiles cover them. As a shaman your totem orbs spawn the same height as the minotaur purple balls so they cant be seen (not sure what else is the same but I imagine there’s more examples). Playing bard? well you need constant vigilance because you wont notice if your busy playing your songs (thats kinda just the class though).

Having some way of customising to fix this would be very appreciated or perhaps things that need to be seen like projectiles are always at least outlined so can be visually seen behind all the other effects (this might already be the case so it could be made more obvious?).


Lol yah run a shard with Sift. It looks very cool but you may as well go in blind.


On my bard all I see is pink runes the entire fight. Never got why they were so big and took up the primary visual real estate of the user. Should be smaller and poping in the lower left or right of our vision.


Yeahhh died a few times from purple balls, could not see them because of the tilesets in the way and the visuals of spells are just too big


they really need to adjust it .


Okay we’ll work on reducing the size of those explosions and see if we can make the tileset notification transparent or something. Or is that even useful at this point? Like should we just log it in the text log maybe now that we have that up top? So you can see if it’s going off in general if you care but otherwise just focus on fighting and see the buff show up?


I personally like to see them. Maybe make them lower and more transparent though. They seem much brighter in reborn.


the issue currently for most of us is probarly that the tileset notifications popup just in the middle where the most projectiles come from wich block vision.

same with the spells the spells block 100% of the incoming projectiles wich when u are spam casting a mage and they turn over to you you are most likely gonna end up dead .

maybe by moving the tileset notifications or being less bright and fade faster would be a big improvement yes.

the explosion reduce will also make the life easyr of the rest of the group :smiley:

i would personally not fully runes else people who are interested in seeing it proc need to stare at there weapon to notice it actually procced .

thank you for listening <3

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In tomorrow’s patch the size of spell effect explosions size has been reduced, and the Rune notifications will now appear farther down in the vision of the player.

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Any chance you can make ranger weak points always on top? It’s only us that see them and they can be covered easily by effects, bosses arms and other stuff and I think this would be a huge QoL update for them