Tinkerer update - Craftable Trinkets

I’m not sure about others, but since Tinkering came out I haven’t really bothered with it due to it being mostly house decorations, if we could have our party enter our houses then maybe I would have done more with it

If we could however make something that would effect combat such as trinkets that we equip in our wrist slot which still to this day has never been used then we would be able to fill a few gaps missing in the game, craftable armour that is tradeable, usage of the wrist slot and also making trinkering more useful for end game players that are combat focused

There are a few different ways that they could be done:

  • Passive effects which effect the character at all times
  • Proc effects, When X happens, you gain Y buff for Z amount of time or something similar
  • Class based effects, Trinkets are class only and have certain effects on that classes abilities

Passive effects are pretty basic and boring but would probably be the easiest to balance

Proc effects can be RNG for the players depending how they are done but can also be very rewarding (think how bleed can be)

Class based effects could be a way to make the classes more fun/interesting, would be hard to get the balance right though


I would really like that! Mainly because I am locked out of house deco-ing completely, since these broke my house :frowning: For those where it works, however, a visit-option would sure be nice.

On a sidenote, I rarely, almost never see tinkerer things on the market which require wood cogs. The rate of these dropping is still extremely low, it consumes way too much playing time, still, imo, to get all items you need together, we are flooded with some of them, sure, cloth and wood mainly but they are useless without the rest.
I do dungeons all the time, 1k plus dungeons alltogether and I’m top 3 in shards done. I likely do more dungeon content than 95% of active players. Yet I ended up buying cogs from others who gave up on tinkerer, since the amount which dropped was not even enough to craft even each item once (in the end I only did the mounts and one more, which I forgot).
Also I still miss blueprints, for example the cuckoo clock… I heard others got it from overlevel chests, so it does exist, but after 250 overlevels, lots of them after the tinkerer update during bonus xp times, I do think the drop rate might be off, also.


I actually have a bud load of wood cogs but the motivation to do something with them is not there. Money is just not important if you already play that much to have so many wood cogs. So no reason to sell them or craft stuff to sell. And no big dram motivation sink in the game. Making items with them for looks will maybe be a future goal but for now I feel like na.

And here is #1 in shard AND dungeon rankings talking :wink: … I believe you got more than me, you did 300 dungeons more than me as well, plus grinding them from mutated rat. But seriously, I think neither your activity nor mine should set a standard to look at when defining droprates, nor should the top 10 (#10 got around 600 dungeons less already, btw; and half your shards!).

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It would be about time the wrist slot was either used or completely removed. I doubt the trinkets would be anything but passive boosts and an affix if it were implemented.

As for wooden cogs … I have a total of 4 since the release of tinkering.

I just need craft-able item storage chests. please devs its kind of necessary and making it a tinkerer item means people can have fun with its placement as well as adding thinks for people to do.

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