Tinkering Breakdown/How-To

Hi folks, we wrote up a more in-depth guide and breakdown of Tinkering on our blog, complete with a short video for newcomers to watch if they’re interested.

Check it out!


do the ingredients that drop in dungeons also drop in shard dungeons?

will the 3rd person camera tool allow you to record your own tiles? or will that still require another person to do?

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Ok so we finally can record our own runetiles with this camera, even in combat and all?? If yes, this is hands down the best feature of this update :wink:

Will there be 5x or 10x recipes for the tinkerer ingredient crafted through alchemy?

They need to program something in specifically to show these tiles, so likely not. Because in the old game you could not see your own tiles proc from a third person view.

I thought that you were able to, but was wrong. But we are going to update it to where if you have the Ravens Camera out you will be able to and this will come with the Nov 19th update.


PCVR only, second time today I’ve heard a Dev say that. Disappointing.

how are you going to expect to get a desktop view for the camera either way if you have a quest?
its not possible.
just trying to be fair to the devs

A recording that showed tiles/runes would be nice.

And I don’t blame the devs, I’m just sad! Lol