Tinkering items for sale at smith

Can someone or the Dev’s shed in some light as to why the tinkering Item’s aren’t sell-able at the apprentice smith?
After all, they are a earned Item in game like any other items?


And runemage reagents as well. I still don’t get why both of these kinds of items can’t even yield like 20 dram at the vendor. I am forced to delete all my lower tinkerer stuff due to space, despite I earned them and none of these would sell in the auction house either.


And old game raid tokens which are valued at 1k dram each at the vendor but when you click accept to sell nothing happens, my alt has a lot of them still because I forgot to sell use them :sob:


What a scam that was, I have yet to rub off the disgust that the dev’s inflicted on us by not honoring the worth of all that hard work! Not all of us earned that maliciously…

I mean, they did properly warn us that they wouldent work in reborn.
As for the mats, most new items added have had some time before they where sellable. I think they have to be manually added with price tags.

Old game reagents where a lot more rair, and it was a good thing that beginners couldn’t sell them before they figured out the value of them. Now they go for a dram a dozen. A bit to high a drop rate if you ask me.


Not sure about reagents but they should be sellable as well.
Especially now that there isn’t really anything worth spending the money on in game. Not even the 1M dram mount!..

Then why should they be sellable?

You make no sence Lara


Why not? we worked hard for them!
Perhaps they shouldn’t’ hand them out like candy so they can gain some kind of worth…

Well we are obviously not working hard for them any more, and your saying that dram is worthless, so why do things need to be sellable?

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No, they need to be sell-able as anything else we gain since they are the same.

Why, you just said money is worthless.

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It is worthless but better than nothing!

No, you get to keep and use the items. And if you don’t want them you can pop them on the auction house and get a few dram. Or toss them. All things don’t have to be sellable to the vendor

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No, when my chest is full, the rest is a waste of time!

To sell items is a waste of time? Stacks of tinkering gear go for way more then minor shards at the vendor.
You know you have a entire extra chest for tinkering?

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Sad if people can’t behave on forums (not addressed to Burn; hope the spammer takes a forced break :wink: ) since the actual issue was worth noticing.

Super-valuable Items or gear doesn’t need to be sellable, right, but there is no reason why Tinkerer Items shouldn’t be sellable at the vendor.

Runemage Reagents I never thought about this, yea they are needed to port, however as Burn said it is not hard to get them anymore. And whoever really new player is accidentally stuck in the wilderness can use his home cookie, just a matter of waiting; those veeery new players don’t have reagents anyways, likely. So it would make sense if you can sell your superfluous items off.

I don’t delete anything else btw, just tinkerer/reagents all the time, so making them sellable would be nice.

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Yah, I kind of figured tinkering mats would get added eventually to the seller… kind of like dyes. Reagents feels nostalgic that they are unsellable, even if I just pop my extra stacks in the guild chest.

I remember selling them at my stal for 400 each…

If you are desperate to sell your stack of reagents on the AH I will always buy around at 3k. That’s 30 dram per @Metris_Marshmallow.

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I want a belt item that changes the visual effects of my spells but requires me to feed it runemage reagents … like the J ball but for the other spells … Green fel Fireball 3s … Yes.

a mana shield that gives me a visual aura around my character … yes .

Fireworks that change colors <3 , Polymorph into … wabajack ! random game models …
Have it consume 1 reagent per x spells … and let you customize which you want on and off in a mage rune tablet menue … beter yet make the tablet run off of tileset activation runes and you make those tiles glow on or off on the tablet to say if you want that effect on or off … |

Make it look a bit like the emerald tablet … but less green … thats what I am envisioning.

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You got me imagining some extra strong spell that requiers a reagent per spell… most mages would be burning stacks just for the practis. Yah that would solve the problem.