Tinny Mulbirth BUGGED


I’m logged in on Ur, and I still cannot interact with her.


Okay logout for a moment and I will attempt to clear it manually for you like I am with the others.


Alright, I’ve logged out. Just let me know.


I cleared your Witch’s Brew questline…what was the last MSQ you did?


Okay try now and see if that helped.


A demanding chef 2 was the last one that was available. I don’t think I was able to start Forest Secrets.


Alright, I’ve gotten the first quest. Give me a second and I’ll let you know if I can get past the brewing portion.


I cleared it out on yours as well.


Yours should also be cleared out and good to go.


Okay, so I cleared out your Demanding Chef 2. I think you should be able to accept that one again and do it, and then be good to go. (Assuming you were still logged out, if not let me know).


Got passed the brewing quest. If anything else goes wrong I’ll post. Thank you for your help!


It should be good to go from here on out, there was a bug we were unaware of introduced a couple of days ago but I reverted the changes. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thank you for all of the help. I have been logged out for the duration of this conversation. I appreciate your attentiveness. Will keep you posted.


No worries, sorry for the trouble!


It’s not any trouble. I enjoy participating in the development of such a wonderful concept (Orbus is my favorite VR game so far and I am overjoyed to see active developers working tirelessly to improve the game). I cant wait to watch Orbus continue to improve! Thank you for what you do. I’d imagine you get more frustration than you deserve. I appreciate you :slight_smile:


The tinny quest is fixed and progressing as it should, thanks! But the MSQ is still bugged. I cannot talk to francis, nor the chef, nor guardian bart and there is no MSQ quest in the logbook. I am logged out right now and will remain logged out, so you can fix it if you’re still available.


Hi, I have this issue also. I have successfully created Tinny’s potion which is in my inventory but she wont speak to me to advance the quest. In-game name is Kalidor. Thanks!


Okay sorry I went to bed. I will touch base with our other developer today to figure out what we need to do to fix that for you.


Okay I reset you. You will have to start the first part of the quest over again, but then you should be able to just hand her the potion you already made.


Okay, I missed one thing but it should be fixed now. Talk to Chef and you should be good to go.