Tinny Mulbirth BUGGED


Still not working. The quest was indeed reset, but once I returned the red truffle to the chef, he gave me 25 dram and then the quest said completed in the logbook and it said return to chef. I tried to talk to chef again, but he wouldn’t respond. I looked in the logbook again and the MSQ was completely missing and chef won’t respond. I cant seem to get from a demanding chef 2 to forest secrets. I will remain logged out until fixed, so you can do what you need to when you get the chance, just let me know.


ok it sounds like it was fixed but the wrong order happened. To recieve the forest secrets quest you must be on the Chefs Orders 2 quest and enter the green lady forest in search of the red truffle. When passing through the forest you will automaticly recieve the quest. We will have to reset you again in the morning but ensure you have all red truffles deleted out of your inventory and dont turn in the quest until you recieve the forest secrets quest while in the forest.


Ok. The red truffles have been deleted. Thanks.


Okay should be good to go!


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