Tiny hands issue



in the new update the hands have been replaced with smaller hands based around the oculace touch controllers, can we get a setting for vive user to switch to the old hands. my reasons for asking this is the new hands are small and don’t fit correctly were as the old ones fit really well and matched up better to size and position on the hand (and also didn’t open the menu on every movement) in general for the vive the hand change was fixing a problem that was not there due to the vive not being able to do the gestures any way.


What seems to be happening is a scale issue from what I noticed. It seems on either controller that the hands look small on your side, but fine on the person viewing them. Or it could be the other way around. I’d have to try it again in the next beta. That was one of the things that I meant to make a post about but got lost in the mix of other things. I wish I had been streaming so I could go back and find it. I pointed it out to Rickness and Potato. But have a memory like a leaky siv.


This is interesting. For some reason a lot of ppl have a big problem with the small hands. I don’t btw but just want to notify the devs that I hear at-least half ppl complain about it.


no its the hands are made for the oculace not vive so they don’t match the controllers were as the old ones match very well


Yeah, this was my biggest negative point in my feedback which I sent to riley, I have a really big problem with the small hands… I agree totally with sparky here


The controllers don’t make your actual hands bigger lol (unless you mean the alignment of the hands vs where you hold the controller). The hands are a little smaller than they should be, but they definitely shouldn’t be as big as they are in regular orbus.


So it’s just specifically the hands that are bothering people? Weapons are fine?

I mean I guess I can add a setting to allow you to make them bigger but it’s not really going to affect anything other than how big they look to you personally.


yes, mostly the hands, the position is off for the vive but if you look how the current hands fit you can have a near 1-1 representation of where you hands are and a good scale for them on vive, (sorry to add this too but the swords position was also off by I think it was about 5-10 cm they were held at the pommel of the sword during the betas but I for got to say about it.)


it would be nice to have the hands model be swappable even if it is just client side


I also found the size was way smaller than previously. Currently hands feel too big but in reborn they feel too small. A hand size slider would be nice and should fix this issue except that with musketeer i remember someone saying it felt like a stretch to put the orbs in the barrel of the weapon. I don’t know if this was because of having small hands or that the weapon is just longer now.


Oh yes please add that, it bothers me so much with the hands…


Yes ewok is right, the smaller hands not fitting with the vive controllers, so it feels already weird but it’s harder to grab the musky orbs


why not a mix of the lot switch hands and a slider (would probably be just client side though) it would add to the customisation of the new game


im okay with tiny hands i am more happy people can see me jester my hands


but the vive cant use the gestures that’s why I would like the hands from the old game to carry over as a setting


Yeah that’s a thing too, already in the last beta I was like “how they doing that?!” Oh yeah… #viveproblems


You can totally make the hand model fingers move on vive using grips and trigger finger.


I saw people doing for example thumbs up, I was not able to figure out how to do that on a vive :joy: :woman_shrugging:


not to the same way an oculace can, the new hands alow for each finger vive can only do grip and point and at the moment its stuck on pointing


also vote for bigger hands… i don’t feel like a mighty warrior with those baby hands :frowning: