Tips on casting more quickly


Just looking for tips on how to cast faster, particularly as they relate to the vive pro. Im pretty fast on my casting but Ive seen a couple mages that are capable of much faster speeds than I am. Im sure some of it has to do with hardware differences between the vive and oculus but is there anything Im missing?
I already keep my runes as small as I can accurately draw them and I double tap the trackpad to release the spells quickly.

All tips welcome.


What your missing is the practice of a rotation; spend a couple of hours practicing a spell rotation and it will increase your speed a lot the more you practice


The smaller you can reliably draw your spells the faster you’ll be able to draw them. Other than that as stated above just practice. I know plenty of mages, myself included, who are using the Vive controllers. It definitely takes finding your own style and shortcuts for spells to be able to throw out spells like one of the best.


As for hardware, I feel like the input lag is the biggest factor holding me back. Can any vive users confirm if 3 base stations shows any improvement over 2?


getting a 3rd sensor for vive wont do much unless you have a gigantic playspace, but steamVR has some automatic supersamling settings and stuff that have caused issues for some people. you should follow this guide which goes in detail on these issues.


Also, if you have the V1 base stations you cant put more than two. Though you said you have the Vive Pro so I’m guessing it’s V2 tracking lighthouses. I’m pushing the edge of the V1 tracking system (it throws up a warning that the lighthouses are too far) and I haven’t experienced any real input lag.


Learning shortcuts for different spells will help but it really just comes down to Practice, Practice, Practice. Maintaining a 3x stack of your tile set buff also helps.


I will definitely try this, thank you tons!


Filming yourself casting and looking at how many frames all your actions cost will also help you learn :grimacing:


I am definitely practicing, I realize no fizzling spells and just generally writing faster will help.
I can maintain a fairly decent pace now and do so for extended periods of time though. Like, the bells for boss 4 are not a problem, if Im soloing I can consistenly get 3 spells in the air before the first one lands (from max range).
But then I see mages like Tman and Cam who cast considerably faster. Like at a 3:2 pace. Im just tryin to carch those guys.


Thats a really good idea.


The vive works different than the Oculous. More sensors on vive does not mean better performance. All it takes is 2 sensors setup correctly to tag a whole room. Using the included cable that connects the 2 sensors and switching them to A and b is also nice as it allows them to communicate if you are blocking sensors in some way. The cable isn’t needed, but I use it due to my sensors being farther apart than is recommended.

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