Title Placement tweak

Currently Titles are in front of your name, uses the same font, same size and nothing at all to show that it’s not your name. This causes new people to often call players by their title, or once they learn about the title being a thing, they skip all the text and call them by their surname.

Currently it looks like this:

Could the title be separated from the name and be put above it like this?

Or maybe just decreased in size a bit and made italic

Just anything that’ll make it a bit more distinct from the name really.


Also, potions and buffs still cover guild names, could this get fixed?


Because my name is one character people constantly call me by any title I use or my guild name. +1


I was mistaken for a dev four times…today.


Everyone called me Virucider and still do ;-;

Could even be after like “Potâto Hodor, the Treasure Hunter”

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Ye I got called Marshmallow in HS lotsa times and sorry, I don’t react to this, specially not when it’s no new people :wink: … but the issue is real. Title above the name and guild below would be my favorite, perhaps title also using a different Color.

the halo is almost completely blocked off sometimes and its annoying because i wanna look cool by the nametag

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People start reading my name, then usually give up. But I actually love it.


Hi, just wanted to say thank you for the feedback - It’s not quite finalized so I can’t post a screenshot of what it’ll look like but we’ll have some changes coming soon both with the title placement as well as the issue with buffs overlapping text. :slight_smile:


Could you look into the Halo transmog getting covered by these too? Could do with them all being just a tiny bit higher I think cause it can be difficult to notice

Here’s the ways we are able to do it, basically the options are -

A: Have the bar and buffs separated as it is currently in the live game, which makes the text look high with a big gap over the bar when someone doesn’t have buffs on :

B: Make the buffs be under the bar, which makes the text look better in every case but makes everything look really high above the head if you don’t have buffs:
image image (1)

C: Same as B but with everything lowered so buffs would definitely appear in front of the tallest helmets, halo etc. but look a lot better overall in other situations. I don’t have a screenshot for this one but imagine the halo picture with the buffs likely touching the halo. This would probably be the most practical and best looking in 95% of scenarios.

We’re open to feedback between these options.


I think C would be best, not like you usually run around with more than 3 buffs outside dungeons where it really doesn’t matter much.
should probably do a pool tho to better see what everyone thinks.

  • A
  • B
  • C

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Thank you for working on this! I love the way option B looks. :slight_smile:


We would likely need to see this… I also find B just fine and fear buffs might cover my beautiful halo :wink: - I often got buffs in the overworld like leftovers from dungeons or weight potion and doesn’t even the mount have an indicator?

Also inside dungeons buffs would be hard to see if covered by helmets right? That buffs are still visible no matter what is vital for a good 80% or more of content I play, the names of teammates on the other hand I know already, so… they can gladly hover above this :wink:

And just a thought, in dungeons it could get crowded to see the info that counts (name+buffs), and on some bosses my long name already hinders gameplay (Mine 1st, specifically, where you gotta look up), I wonder if we could have an option to hide titles/guild in there.

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