TO ARMS! (Open Call for Elongata World Boss Raid - Sunday, July 30th, 2PM EST)

Once again, it falls upon us to defeat the evil world boss Elongata!

All guardians, adventurers and even rapscallions are hereby called to help defeat this scourge once and for all!

We shall gather on the west side of Green Lady Forest at 2pm EST and engage when enough brave souls are present! (2pm Eastern = 1pm Central = 12pm Mountain = 11am Pacific)


  • You can travel to Green Lady Forest by teleport (ask one of the alpha baldies if you aren’t sure), or by taking the steps down at the south end of Highsteppe, following the road East (it will curve around to the north), past Kingsport Lake on your right, and up the steps into Green Lady Forest. The west side of the forest has 4 large boulders in front of an empty cliff wall.
  • Specific strat info will be given during raid prep to avoid spoilers on the forums, as generally requested by the devs.
  • All levels welcome, but I’d recommend 6 or higher if possible.
  • We are likely going to kill it repeatedly if we have enough people, patience and interest as it has a 5 minute respawn and drops rare shoulders.
  • Please be aware that in large group gatherings such as this with proximity chat enabled on everyone, it can become very confusing and difficult to coordinate, so during engagement prep and boss fight please keep ambient chatter to a minimum.)


  • 8pm (20.00) west/mid europe
  • 7pm (19.00) united kingdom
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If you’re able to make it to this, I highly recommend it, it’s usually a really fun experience.

The boss is tuned for a group of around 15 people right now so if you have a lot more than that it may be too easy to beat, but as we learned last test it’s probably better to be too easy right now than too hard :wink:

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Open Raid Post-Mortem!

We gathered together in the face of this monster and defeated it soundly and repeatedly!

A big thank you to the 30+ people who showed up throughout the event to help destroy Elongata! We had as many as 25 people on some of the attempts, and as few as 15 but we were victorious every time (though a few times did get pretty dicey).

Everyone was understanding of the alpha issues (audio, lag, disconnects, etc) and worked together extremely well to accomplish that which we could never do alone. Well done!


Also you’ll be pleased to know that massive gathering of people helped me track down what I think was the last memory leak. Putting out a new patch now, so the next time you take on Elongata you should be able to do it without the crashes.


Awesome! Thanks @Riley_D!

Thanks to Bloodrhen for the pic… the Elongata Class of 2017!


That one pet dragon alone on the left is badass! :slight_smile:

Dang I missed the final picture with everyone, despite the crashes it was a quite awesome experience, glad to know it actually helped in tracking the memory leak bug!