TO ARMS! (Open Call for Elongata World Boss Raid - Sunday, September 17th, 7PM EST)

Elongata sought to hide from us so that she could continue growing and thriving in darkness, but her new lair has been located! (Special thanks, @Logan)

All adventurers of Orbus (regardless of Fellowship) are hereby called to help defeat this botanical monstrosity!

We shall gather in New Kingsport at 7pm EST and make our way to her spawn area when enough brave souls are present! (7pm Eastern = 6pm Central = 5pm Mountain = 4pm Pacific)

I apologize for the late notice of this posting, it was only recently that we found her location and confirmed the class pattern needed to spawn her. (Special thanks Allen, Pyrarrows, Elk, and Johann)

Traveling from Highsteppe, you can take the new stairs down from the north end of town next to the airship dock, and follow the path north and west (with Loch Kaplarg on your right) into the jungle zone. Follow the path until it comes to an intersection with a guard, and take the right (heading east) directly into New Kinghsport, the largest town in the Jungle. (Be aware there are boar near the entrance to the town, and lower level players may aggro them from a great distance.)

Traveling by teleport: you can also port to the tiger area in the jungle, then make your way north to the intersection and take a left into New Kingsport.

Specific strat info will be given during raid prep to avoid spoilers on the forums, as generally requested by the devs.

  • All levels welcome, but I’d recommend level 10 or higher if possible. (World bosses have been cranked up significantly lately and balance changes exacerbate this)
  • If we are successful we may try to kill it repeatedly as it has a 5 minute respawn and MAY be able to drop better gear than anything else in the game. (It’s also a 5 min respawn if we fail and it despawns)
  • Please be aware that in large group gatherings such as this with proximity chat enabled on everyone, it can become very confusing and difficult to coordinate, so during engagement prep and boss fight please keep ambient chatter and pre-prepped spells on wands, to a minimum.)
  • This is still beta, so expect bugs, disconnects, lag, etc, so please be as patient and understanding with issues as possible.

Will there be a gathering at a certain time in highstep to head over together? Would love to take part in this again!

ima murder that giant bush with death

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Dont neglect potions.

Especially Empowered Strikes potions. Elongata has an unbelievably large health pool, easily between 30 to 100 times more health than Sanyael, The Grand Worm, may her passing cleanse our world, had in the last beta.

We are in for a long haul per encounter. I will try to make a few extra potions to distribute, but I certainly wont have enough for everyone.

count me in! Giggity!

We’ll have plenty of salad for everyone when we’re done!


will this dish contain any meats?

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only our fallen brothren

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Do we meetup at the boss or in town be cause i need to know thease awesome details

I’ll bev in highsteppe to escort players to new Kingsport

New Kingsport is the big town in the middle of the jungle zone.

ok ty ill be there in a few

Good luck let me know how it goes!

Not going to well… not even damaging it…

Hey @Riley_D, we have like 20 people here doing damage to it, but the level difference is really crazy. We’ve been hitting it with everything for 10+ minutes and its down about 5%. Any chance it could be rescaled to level 16?

Eh, maybe 18. Lots of disconnects, lots of clones, lots of VFX phantoms, lots of audio issues. Had everyone switch to low settings, helps a little, but just delays it.

Hmmm let me take a look. Are all the people fighting it Level 16?

Mostly, we have a couple people that are lvls 12-15. Btw, is there some new mechanic that we’re missing?

Okay yeah looking at it the health didn’t get adjusted properly for the new scaling. I just reset it, give it a try now, should have much less.


We killed him! But the ads killed us immediately after.