TO ARMS! (Open Call for Elongata World Boss Raid - Thursday, December 7th, 8PM EST: GATHER IN HIGHSTEPPE)


TL;DR: If you want to be a part of a huge open raid to kill Elongata, the giant world boss plant monster, be at HIGHSTEPPE at 8PM EST on Thursday, December 7th. We’ll head over as a group at 8:15pm EST.

The Eternal Knights fellowship is hosting a world boss raid this Thursday! As such, all adventurers of Orbus (regardless of Fellowship or Level) are hereby called to help defeat this botanical monstrosity!

We shall gather in Highsteppe, near the Graveyard/House at 8pm EST and make our way to her spawn area around 8:15. (8pm Eastern = 7pm Central = 6pm Mountain = 5pm Pacific)

If you want to go to her lair in advance, that’s fine, but be aware that recently a large number of mobs have been added to that area, so it isn’t like it was before. Also, as we do have lower level players typically joining us for these, it’s helpful to have everyone stick together to cover each other on the journey.

Specific strat info will be given during raid prep to avoid spoilers on the forums, as generally requested by the devs.

  • All levels welcome, but the World Boss is level 20 so if you are significantly below that expect to be one-shot if you get hit. (World bosses have been cranked up significantly lately and balance changes exacerbate this)
  • If we are successful we may try to kill it repeatedly as it has a 5 minute respawn. (It’s also a 5 min respawn if we fail and it despawns)
  • Please be aware that in large group gatherings such as this with proximity chat enabled on everyone, it can become very confusing and difficult to coordinate, so during engagement prep and boss fight please keep ambient chatter and pre-prepped spells on wands to a minimum,)
  • This is still beta, so expect bugs, disconnects, lag, etc, so please be as patient and understanding with issues as possible.

Let’s close out the Orbus beta period with a bang and a dead giant plant monster! We hope to see you there!


I’ll be there! I encourage everyone to attend, regardless of level.

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Sounds like fun, cant miss the giant prep talk, thats half the fun

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been waiting all beta for a world boss with any luck ill not disconnect at the last kill this time

We’ll end up killing it a couple times

If I’m not dead…I will be there! :cowboy_hat_face:

just realized that’s 1 am over here in the uk, is there any way of making it an hour or so earlier

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Its 2 am for me hehe. Locked and loaded :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Sparky, can’t really adjust it at this point, but there will definitely be more in the future. Sorry you can’t attend this one!

no I mean I’m going to attend it, It was just a bit late in the evening but it should be fine.


It will be cutting it close but Im gonna try to be there, so save a seedpod for me

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I am too freaking hyped.

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I just did a quick server restart, as it looked like the zone was bugging out…


Dozens of brave souls of various levels, disciplines and Fellowships assembled in Highsteppe and marched upon the lair of Elongata!

It was pretty chaotic and though there were many deaths, thrice we did battle and thrice we emerged victorious!!

A couple quick call outs!

  • Thank you to my fellow members of Eternal Knights for helping to organize the raid, keeping me in giant potions, triggering the spawning sequence, rezzing, tanking and everything else!
  • A huge holy shit to Shiki for snatching victory from the jaws of defeat on the second Elongata battle through sheer force of will and insanity!
  • Thanks to Colonel and others for helping with guarding the flanks of the migration to Elongata!
  • Thanks to Daeresha and others for quickly calling out add spawns, even when deceased!
  • Thanks to Outlander for pointing out that if anyone has the Anthropologist quest active, it was probably spawning a lot of extra lizardmen! There wasn’t much we could do about it, but it’s good to know!

And lastly, I want to thank everyone for coming out to defeat this world boss! I appreciate that it can be frustrating getting instagibbed, but hopefully everyone had some fun and got a little taste of what is to come when we all enter Early Access and begin to conquer the world of Orbus in a live game!

(Also, if you got any good pictures or any good loot, please post them here!)


That was a total blast, must do it again in EA!

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Things happened

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I got some great video from the fight, also alot of good views of the ghosts in game, haha. Thanks for the good time to all that were there.

Did it crash/disconnect you all a lot after I restarted the server?

hehehe, the raid from my squishy PoV as we watched Shiki do all the work :smiley:

Thanks to everyone for organizing and joining the fight, it was a blast. Looking forward to seeing you all again in EA :slight_smile:


It was great to see everyone there, very chaotic haha!