TO ARMS! (Open Call for Sanyael World Boss Raid - Monday, August 21st, 8PM EST)

Everyone! It has come to our attention Sanyael the Grand Worm is nesting deep in the Obnobi Desert creating countless spawn which are an extreme danger to travelers in the region!

All adventurers are hereby called to action to face this creature, determine it’s weaknesses and work together to eradicate it!

We shall gather at the entrance to the desert, east of Lakewood Inn at 8pm EST and travel together to the lair shortly thereafter! (8pm Eastern = 7pm Central = 6pm Mountain = 5pm Pacific)


You can travel to the Obnobi Desert entrance via a teleport stone near Lakewood Inn, or by simply traveling to the NE end of the starter zone. (From Highsteppe,travel north, northeast, and then east, following the path that keeps Kingsport Lake on your right hand side. Lakewood Inn appears on your compass when you get close enough. From it, simply follow the path ENE)

  • This is a new, never before defeated World Boss, so expect bugs and expect to die at least a few times while we figure out the mechanics and how to respond to them. We do have some limited information from brave souls who have charged in to meet their doom, and what specific strat info we do have will be given during raid prep to avoid spoilers on the forums, as generally requested by the devs.
  • All levels welcome, but I’d recommend 10 or higher if possible.
  • We are likely going to kill it repeatedly if we have enough people and can trigger it to respawn, as it is expected to have a chance to drop the new top tier of shoulders. (Prep and quaff luck potions at your discretion, no promises on if it’ll help even if we win).
  • Please be aware that in large group gatherings such as this with proximity chat enabled on everyone, it can become very confusing and difficult to coordinate, so during engagement prep and boss fight please keep ambient chatter to a minimum.)
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The airship is also a fast way to get there. it drops you off almost right there.

I’ll make sure to be there

I’ll be there. Having ‘faced it’ 3 times I’m glad we have so many 16s and I hope most of them show up. Gonna be one hell of a fight!

I’m in. Can someone make a countdown just for sure?

I’ll try and be there

Ok I thought the raid was today and so I just found out that I won’t be able to make it tomorrow

I won’t be able to make it. =( stupid work gl tho guys

I’ll be there.

Hopefully I’ll finish getting my Musketeer to 16 before then…

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I have class during that time. Won’t be home until 9pm server at the earliest if there is no traffic.

I’m pumped. Cant wait to see you all there!

Bring potions!

Am I correct that this is in about 3 hrs?

@Draven You should add a countdown timer next Beta :smile: (helps a lot with timelines)

@Jonas_A If I google “8pm EST” I get from google what time it is for my country. With basic counting I found it is in about 3 hours + 12 hours. So in 15 hours.

So 02:00 AM west europe :frowning:

Made a timer real fast btw :slight_smile: (re-edit because site is back up)

Man these timezones… 2am is kinda of late (I live in Sweden and have to work tomorrow :’( )

Half hour. I am excited to see this thing! :scream:

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At the boss spawn zone! :smiley:
LET’S DO THIS! :crossed_swords:

So while you all killed the World Boss, I couldn’t help but notice half it’s attacks weren’t doing any damage. I just pushed out a fix for that and reset the zone. Give it another try.

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Although I was not up to par (only level 4 lol) it was such a great experience to witness and attend. I wan’t 100% sure out OrbusVR initially, however I am sold! Best VR experience I have had to date - I cant wait until the next closed beta test!

Thanks again for brining me along tonight folks!!!

Here are all the screen shots I (Dreks) got during the fight! That was a lot of fun you guys.

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Oh here is one of the massive TPK