TO ARMS! (Open Call for Sanyael World Boss Raid - Monday, August 21st, 8PM EST)

A big thank you to everyone who came out! We were able to defeat the Grand Worm once before it stopped toying with us.

Also, congratulations to Coonell on his shiny new shoulders!

We’ll likely try again next playtest where hopefully the additional levels will help us seize victory once more!


Haha I’ll try and be higher than level five next time. But it was still awesome just being there and watching. Thanks to the players that helped me make it out there in on piece! :laughing:

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It was a good time, indeed!

Good Beta!


Nice shots Allen! And thanks again for the giant potions!

There will be plenty to go around! Hopefully stack splitting will be implemented and I can make all of them without feeling trapped with them all.

I’m going to try and focus on making a bunch of potions and fishing after I hit 20 (so i can do bosses and such effectively), and distribute them around so we can all mess with them.

For example, I should be able to make a few Empowered Strike Potions (+crit chance) and give those out for when we next attempt to down Sanyael, may her passing cleanse the world.

Quick recommendation for ya, in case we don’t get stack splitting in the next one: You can craft in batches of X, and then offload them to your storage chest, and then go make more. Then you can have any number of different sized stacks in your inventory afterward, as long as you don’t manually stack em.

Good Call! Hopefully it wont come to that, but I’ll keep that in mind!