+% To Projectiles, Crit Chance, etc


Is there a list on what these things affect for each different class?

Does +% To Projectiles affect All mage spells?
Does Crit Chance affect Healing?

Mostly curious what stats i should be getting for each class. Thanks everyone.

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Yea. I wished someone outta the dev-crew would update the most important infos on the official wiki:

And put a menu on the starting page, least for the main categories…

Pages like these: https://wiki.orbusvr.com/Runemage
or this one about the affixes:

were extremely helpful in the beginning. Most info is still valid, so I hoped it was continued after reborn, but I currently got no clue what str/int actually does exactly for the new classes and we need to know this to decide on potions.

If anyone finds time to add at least class-pages for the new classes and add the new affixes that would be great.


Well the Wiki was community-maintained for the most part, and the majority of the community info shifted to 3rd party wikis (which is fine), so most of the data is not kept up to date anymore (which is why the homepage has been changed to just link to e.g. the ToS and things).


Also we can’t change the community Wiki anymore because it still gives the session ended error. Which seems to be unfixable :confused: (Tried it again 1 week ago)

(this msg)

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Ok iirc correctly it was at least approved and checked by devs, though… since people were pointed to it right after launch frequently, by devs. However, there’s vital info as the above mentioned missing, it is neither in the ingame-tutorials nor in that wiki and community will not ever figure them correctly (just like the shard mutations btw… it’s fine to find things out, but I feel we will not ever learn what for example infection does, exactly… and a week later it’s gone) so I hope some new or old place is found for this.


I think that at some point this information would be a great resource to be found in a library… :smile:

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