Tool weight inconsistency

I’ve been taking a closer look at tools their weights due to having light blue weight increases stamina regeneration thus making it so we can get around faster

Weight 0:

  • Harvester
  • Grinding Device
  • Tagger Tool
  • Home Teleporter
  • Net Guns
  • Micronizer Tool
  • Sparkle Gun

Weight 0.1:

  • Fishing Rods
  • Guiding Light Lamp
  • Selfie Bot
  • Ravens View Camera

Weight 1:

  • J is for Jester

The stuff that is 0 weight, I will carry with me at all times, this is both because they are useful and there is no downside to carrying them when you don’t need to use them as they have no weight

The 0.1 weight stuff, I will grab my fishing rod when needed, everything else rots away in my bank because it’s not worth carrying as it’s “fun/nice to have” but not “needed” I’d love if these items had the weight reduced to 0 so they were worth taking and I could make use of them

J’s ball is super heavy to say it’s a cosmetic “fun” item I know it’s an old game item, but it’s also rotting away in my bank cause it’s as heavy as a potion but has no real use other than colour change and “showing off” but why would weigh us down with that?

So, could we get all tools changed to 0 weight please? There isn’t really any reason for them to weigh anything when the other tools also weigh nothing


don’t forget that tiles are 0.05

They aren’t tools, they are ingredients

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+1 I would like to be able to carry all of these without any downside. It feels odd to have the inconsistency.

The J ball especially feels terrible to carry. its next to useless and weighs a lot too. I tend to carry around a lot of junk (from odd fishing lures, random fish and extra mounts) but even I don’t want the J ball in my inventory.


Semi-related (your fix is a lot simpler) but just talking QoL.