Tp spell not working and crashes on quest


So i have been playing orbus on the quest and i am a rune mage. Lately when i want to cast a tp spell it takes the runemage reagent but it doesn’t spawn the tp orb.

I also have been having a lot of crashes. The screen stops moving when i turn my head and it gets bact to the oculus quest menue.

Does annyone know how to fix these issues?


The crashes are normal, but I haven’t experienced an issue with casting the teleport ritual. Do you know if this started in a specific patch?


Some of the teleport locations that used to work are no longer used. You are probably doing one of the location runes wrong.


I double checked on my side and the runes should definitely be working. What signs were you doing when it failed to activate?

As for the crashes, is there any place or thing you’re doing in particular that led to it crashing more than other times? We are trying to track them down.


I am very certain when a Diamant gets confused for a Frost or a H gets confused to an Hourglass you will be getting no teleportstone. Because you teleport to non existent location. I have this happening to me relatively often with the H and Hourglass interference.


I think it was a visual glitch because it would take a runemage reagent but not show the orb. I was doing the z with a double middle line and then the pitchfork looking spell. I’ll try doing a tp spell that i know for certain works.
It happened on the latest patch on the quest (dont know the name).

Teleport Spoilers

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I was doing it wrong. Thx for the help

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