Track world first on Worldbosses and EndGame dungeons

Track world first on Worldbosses and EndGame dungeons. Exactly as the title describes. Gives the guilds something to compete over and not argueing over. :slight_smile:

OOOoohhh, the post was deleted… nvm…

Would be cool but generally people post it immediately the first time they defeat something big.

I know some games broadcast world/raid boss defeats either the first time they happen, or in some cases every time they happen, to the whole server though with the respawn rate of our world bosses that would get pretty spammy.

Once there are more targets in the game than two, I’m sure there will be community curated tracking pages for major accomplishments. Happened in EQ a lot. I’d link to an example but I’m not sure what the rules are for cross-game linking.

Another thing that would be useful is a community made definition “first world boss”, as this can happen in a few ways. What, if any, is the difference between multi guild world first, and single guild world first, which is the cause of most of the arguments right now

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