Tracking Misalignment and Client Freeze after Return to Graveyard on Airship

Using HTC Vive, SteamVR and Shadowplay to record.

From Airship pressed return to graveyard to test bug from earlier playsession, was recording to try to capture conditions.

Return to Graveyard from airship dock in Guild City sent me back to starter town graveyard, tracking misaligned severely. (Enough to cause some motion sickness) but still tracking head movements. Pressed Steam Home button (Bottom button below trackpad on Vive Controller) and Steam Home popped up, returned to game and HMD went solid black with a white noise hiss. Took off HMD and game was frozen with view looking downward, no tracking, no audio. Force closed game, reopened, normal conditions though stuck in the graveyard fence. Teleported free, seems to be no additional issues.

I’ve added this to our tracking system and will look into it. Thanks for reporting!

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