Trading Bug & Suggestion

Firstly the bug. Someone in Highsteppe just tried to trade something with me (unsolicited) several times even though I kept declining. After a while the trade screen got stuck so that every time I went in to my inventory the trade screen appeared instead of my inventory. This was still happening even when in my player house. Clicking ‘accept trade’ or ‘cancel’ made no difference. This might’ve happened as a result of me just closing the menu instead of clicking ‘cancel’ but I’m not 100% sure.

Secondly the suggestion. When this person kept trading with me it kept interrupting me from speaking to an NPC. Could the trade request be changed so that it pops up on the other player’s screen a message asking whether they want to trade or not. You would then need to accept the trade request before the window actually opens. It’s just really jarring when the trade window pops up all of a sudden and cancels whatever you were doing.


I have never had someone do this, but that would be very annoying. I think that would count as a reportable offence and a fix for the stuck in trade screen would be awesome.

Yeah we call it the trade stuck bug. You can get the bug too when you actually trade something with someone. It happens about 80% of the trades I do. Its super annoying. But because it is not 100% reproducible I don’t bother reporting it.

You can only fix it with a complete restart of your game, or trading with someone else, or someone else trading with you. It still starts out not working though. You just have to keep trading back and forth with some random people to fix it.

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There are plenty of non 100% reproducible bugs in the game though. Just because players can’t reliably reproduce them, it does not mean they shouldn’t be fixed though in my opinion.
(and long ago at that)

I also experience this bug on almost every trade. I have never been harassed by anyone spamming trade requests or anything like that…but literally every time I trade for something I have to log out and in just to get back to my inventory… it does not happen when I give someone a dragon or something without getting anything in return tho…