Tradu mine bug after rez


Hi. I went to tradu mine 1 hour ago and got a bug. We killed a boss (well I died) and got rez after the fight.

When I accepeted the rez my character went direct into the wall and I was stuck there. Cant move or teleport.

At the same time the chest was glowing… not sure if is there a way to give me the drop :wink:


What is your in-game name?

And did you get unstuck?


Have you tried returning to the graveyard and walking back to the boss? I would not try relogging if it’s avoidable, as the loot will be gone when you log back in and you would have to message @Riley_D to get your loot (guess you will have to do it now anyway)

The Return to graveyard can usually do the trick, though if the bug happens that you can’t move after resurrection, it’s not going to help you.


My in-game name is ViveQuebec

Ahh, I didnt try to return to the graveyard, I will try next time (hopefully it will not happen again)

Ty for the help :slight_smile:


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