Tradua Mine Door

Dont want any spoilers posted, just needing conformation that the door puzzle is working. If youve completed the door recently please let me know, thanks

Yes it works. It’s easy to grab the wrong one though so it can be tricky

I finish it recently all the gears turned and the quest completed

I just put the things on the door while helping someone on their quest. nothing happened cuz I wasn’t on the quest but the different sizes can be pretty hard to differentiate. Maybe havebdifferent sizes have specific colors? besides that I saw my friend successfully complete the quest

Yeah its functional. it was a hard puzzle but we got it in the end :slight_smile:

Finished the puzzle & got the quest complete. Some of the gears rotate in the opposite direction that you’d expect though.


Thanks for all the feedback everyone

I put the gears on and they all spun but didn’t have a quest. Could walk through the wall there as well

yea worked for me yesterday

For some reason I didn’t have to do this puzzle. After I finished talking to Helga there was immediatly the option to talk to her again saing I completed this. I wonder if it’s possible for this to trigure if I was in a party with someone else that completed it.

Ill look into it further thanks for the info that could help track it down.

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