Transmog check sheet


I made this check sheet quite some time ago back when reborn was announced, I just wanted to repost it as there has been a large influx of new players over the Christmas sales that probably don’t know about it

Just make a copy and then fill it in as you collect transmog pieces to help keep track if you’re trying to get them before reborn

Best of luck with your hunt :slight_smile:


I would love if somone who has all the transmog invests some dram and makes screenshots of all the sets. or maybe just making screenshots of all sets via the wardrobe, that would be enough.


I can do this at somepoint, with dyes or no dyes?


This would be awesome!
No dyes would be ideal. I think the fastest and cheapest way is to do it via wardrobe because you can screenshot it without applying the transmog.


I just thought, you can see all the sets in the guild hall in guild city if youre in a fellowship, just pop in there and they are all on display


I didnt know that. I never lookee into the guild hall, I will check it out today.


All sets apart from hardmode/expert mode raid gear are in there, those sets are mostly the same as the normal mode but with more spikes/horns/patterns


You are amazing <3
crazy dance


This is actually really cool even for those of us who aren’t returning until Reborn launches. Thanks for doing this! Is this reflective of all the current items in the game or a specific list of set gear only? IE the next upgrade after beginner weapons for each class is only from the jungle dungeon, no random drops of weapon upgrades prior to that?


This is list of the all the gear only, doesn’t have the collectables like J for jester orbs or pets, they are listed in the order of upgrades but the location is just the easiest way of farming them (pre-level scaled dungeons) not that you have to go to the jungle dungeon for all of those pieces, you’ll also find them in the overworld too

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