Transmog Mounts

Can we get the mounts transmogable please…


or if not a transmog for them, being able to buy more storage space as an option?


This. Got half my mounts on me, being constantly overencumbered, lack of chest space is also my #1 reason to no longer farm/play during the day; destroying dungeon shards all the time and what not to go on with those at least. I even regret buying the cash-stuff by now… With the release of Reborn the OG space should’ve been adapted to the countless new items, no clue why we are getting update after update with new stuff (blueprints? they are better ALL permanently fitting in the tinkerer chest) but no space to put it.


We appreciate the feedback and it definitely would be a good quality of life feature - I think we mentioned that this might be something we can eventually do when the feature initially released. I can’t say when it might happen though.

One quick thing I wanted to note:

Yep, everything does fit in the chest permanently between blueprints and mats. :slight_smile:

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