Transmogging to beginners weapons

Can we have the option to transmog to beginner weapons of all classes? :grimacing:


Yes please! I want my beginner mage wand!

Scott used to rock base gear transmogs so this question coming from him comes to no surprise lol

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You know I wouldn’t mind seeing all the old gear sets return. The old gear sets were all unique. I literally wanted every transmog in old school. Now majority of the gear sets look like they were “copy and pasted” and just had minor changes. The gear sets now are also very plain and basic looking. Where as the old transmogs had style, creativity, and all around fantastic. It was hard to decide what I wanted each class to wear from their respected choices. There is some cool looking gear pieces like the bird mask, pumpkin head, and snowman But it’s just not enough.

I just remember walking into the old fellowship hall in guild city and looking at all the different gear sets and boy was I always amazed and looking to choose the next set to hunt down. I can’t be the only one who misses this and wants them to return.

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I miss the wilds gear… it is unfair that the musky weapon is available (by accident or not, it is in the game…) but the Chaotic Blade Sword is not, I know at least 1 person who really misses that one.

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