Trap should work on elite


At high level, this wold be the only point I can see with a trap. As frostbolt slows elite, why can’t the trap trap them for a measly few seconds or untill they take damage? How can that be abused?

As it is now I wish I could just remove it, it dose nothing excerpt occasionally mess up my rotation by me accidentally grabing it.


Please do something meaningful with the traps. As it stands they are something to be joked about when someone accidently drops it in the middle of combat.


Agreed. Trap as it stands is a hollow tool, good for leveling but worthless at end-game. Rangers are lucky the devs left their functionality active for Shards at Maeo’s, Rainforest and Desert, but they’re still useless on all mobs at Tradu wings.


You use them in shards? Apart from not working on flying, or unmarked eliets, getting your teammaits to not hurt it, not having a mushrooms damage it, or exploding enemies, and wasting time and dps getting close to lay it down… oh wait, no. I’m quite sure it’s a timesink just trying to figure out a way to use them.


i stopped playing my ranger due to the lack of utility. I play my runemage mostly these days.


Making the trap work on elites is a fantastic idea. Ranger definitely needs some utility


I think the best fix would be to turn the trap in to a trap arrow and give rangers a third arrow slot.


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