Treasure Hunters - Fellowship Recruitment

Who We Are
We are Treasure Hunters, a guild that focuses on having fun playing the game, and giving its members freedom to make their own choices. We simply want to have fun playing the game with a group of like minded people, and form bonds with them while completing end game content. We value the personality of players over their actual skill.

What We Do
The main thing we will be participating in is wilds PvP, but besides that we will be actively doing end game dungeons, wilds farming, world bosses, and PvP in the arena and future additions to the arena. Largely what we do when will be decided on what members are online at that time, and there will be almost no mandatory events.

We are looking for any players who think that they will fit in with us, if you would like to apply answers these questions below

  1. What is your ingame name?
  2. What is your discord name?
  3. What class do you play?
  4. What level are you and how long have you been playing since EA?(This question is only to gage how active in the game you are)
  5. What is your time zone?
  6. What are you most excited about doing during endgame orbus

If you are accepted, I will let you know under your comment, and send you an invite to the discord. Then you will begin a trial period of up to a week, at the end all members will vote to decide if you will become a full member.

To answer the final question which can arguably be the most important one, I look forward to competing in PvP, both in the arena, and while fighting bandits in the wilds, while also wanting to explore the world and find hidden secrets and treasure, hence the name of the fellowship.

  1. Freakindon
  2. Freakindon#5728
  3. Still a tossup between runemage and musketeer
  4. EST
  5. I love dungeons, raids, and crafting. Mostly challenging pve material. Not huge on pvp, but I also haven’t experimented much with it in orbus.

Thank you for your application, and congratulations you have been accepted! I will send you a link to our discord shortly

2)DragonSpawn K’hirho
3)Rune Mage
5) i am excited for multiple things. Was not able to hit end game in the beta but can’t wait to see the new lands/dungeons/discovering 3rd tier spells to decimate the creatures >:D

a guild without burden, its a nice start to meet new in-game friends.

1.) inform after head start begins (character made)

2.) no discord registered

3.) musketeer (no space to swing my arms in real world and im bad in bow)

4.) GMT+8 (on the otherside of the earth)

5.) not sure yet as haven’t seen end game stuff. dungeons maybe, I am ok with pvp in 2d mmo but I can’t be sure I am fine if its in VR 1st person view. (though I enjoyed playing fps in 2d but guess its not the same while in VR.)

  1. Deme
  2. Deme#???
  3. Musketeer/Fisherman
  4. PST
  5. Fishing, raiding, crafting, Fishing, exploring, crafting, making potions, and then maybe a little bit of RPing for fun cause I’m just that cool!

If you could make a discord account you will be accepted, it’s just needed so we can cordinate with you and to stay in touch outside of the game

You have been accepted! I will send you the discord shortly!

Edit: just checked, but are you on the orbus discord? Just checked, and I can’t find you. If your aren’t can you add the 4 digits after your name so I can find you. You should be able to find it if you go to your profile, thanks!

my discord name is seeingdaily#0638

you could see the 4 digits right under your user’s name which is shown at the bottom left of your discord page. (in light grey color)

Ok thanks, I sent you the link

I will get the 4 digits when I get home. Stuck at work for a couple more hours like a sucker. I did however get Friday off because I am “going out of town for the weekend” … as far as I’m concerned orbus is out of town lol :wink:

Here is my Discord number finally :smiley:


Thanks, will send you the discord, only just got time off of the game now to charge my controllers

lol my left controller is almost dead… would try playing one handed but did that while having a beer and died shortly after >.<

  1. VanillaCream
  2. VanillaCream#5046
  3. Archer
  4. cst
  5. PvP is always my main thing.

What is your ingame name? Turtle
What is your discord name? Piggly#6448
What class do you play? Runemage currently
What is your time zone? PST
What are you most excited about doing during endgame Orbus? I’d like PvE endgames like dungeons, raids, world bosses, whatever has to offer!

You have been accepted! i will send you a link to the discord shortly!

Thank you for your submission, but sadly at this time we have reached the max people in the guild, when we can upgrade the fellowship to gain more spaces i will reply again

Just upgraded the fellowship to rank 3, so we now have 10 more spaces available