Trickster Chest in Reborn Suggestion


I think the trickster chest should be put into Reborn and in a different format to encourage more PvP combat fun. Below is an idea on how to improve on the current system.

New Trickster Realm Map Layout

The trickster realm map would pretty much be a straight line with some curviness. The length of the map would be equivalent to a 4 min run on a mount and the width of the map would be about 2.5 times the ramp in Lamavora. The graveyard would be about 30% in on the map and off to one side.

Trickster Realm Gameplay

The trickster realm would not be in the world but would be a separate instance that can either be teleported to from your menu or a npc/portal in Highsteppe. The area will open up 10 minutes before the chest spawns. Everyone will port in on the graveyard and will be held there until the event starts. This will be a safe area until the event starts. There will be a countdown timer in big numbers above the graveyard (just like the score above the mage trial). When the timer reaches 0, everyone can go for the chest and kill each other. The chest will be on the far end. When someone grabs the trickster chest, it gives you a trickster orb. Whoever grabs the orb will have a beam on them and their name will show up on a players compass to let everyone know that they have the trickster orb. If you get killed, you drop the orb. Anyone that picks up the orb will get a beam on them and show up on the compass so everyone knows who has it. If you get killed you spawn in the graveyard. The goal is to get the trickster orb to the other side of the map. Once the player reaches the other side of the map, they can trade in the Orb for tokens. The number of tokens the player gets will depend on how many people entered the Trickster Realm. It would look something like this:

1-4 players – 1 token

5-10 players – 2 tokens

11-15 players – 3 tokens

16-20 players – 4 tokens

21+ - 5 tokens

Side Notes

  • In this Trickster realm, you do not lose durability and do not drop items, only the trickster orb can be dropped. Every time you get killed you will take an extra 5 seconds (accumulative) to respawn. (i.e first time 5 seconds, 2nd time 10 seconds, 3rd time 15 seconds, etc)
  • You would be able to use any items/potions you want, but invisibility and speed pots will not work if you have the trickster orb.
  • Once the event starts anyone entering late will just start at the graveyard.
  • You would need to be at least level 20 to enter the trickster realm.
  • There will be no mobs in the trickster realm.
  • There would be missions for the Trickster Zone.
  • Chest would spawn every 10 hours.
  • The menu button would turn green when the event can be entered.


I actually like this idea. The invis pot is a good idea, but what about speed pots? It seems like if it’s a straight shot you would require speed pots to keep up with anyone else using them. Thoughts?


Oops thought I included speed pots in there that couldn’t be used when you had the trickster orb, I will edit it. Thanks


I don’t PvP that much, but this is a good idea. I would do this event.


I think it would work better if it was every five hours, this would give less incentive for the pvp guilds to monopolise the event as much.


I think moving it down to 5 hours would also give people more of a chance to get in the event.


Good idea having an area specifically designed for the chest with a pvp gauntlet in mind. Would the area be accessible when the chest isn’t spawn? Would it open around the spawn time like 15 to 30 minutes before?


I love this idea. This would definitely draw larger crowds to the chest, which in turn makes it more fun and challenging.

Make sense on not using potions when you have the orb.

I would also add in some sort of item that “expires” just for aesthetic purposes. Not sure if this would be a type of “dye” that wears off after x number of days or hours, or maybe a special symbol added to your name that eventually goes away? This would also help create awareness for the game (other players would see the unique dye or icon in the name and would ask, “How did you get that?”, thus, increasing the awareness.

Hope this helps, looking forward to seeing how this plays out!



No it wouldn’t, once the person leaves the area with the trickster orb, everyone gets ported out of the area 1 minute later.

No, it would open up 10 minutes before.


I dont think enough people want pvp to keep tricksters.


There are quite of few people that show up to the trickster chest even during this slow time. There are quite a bit of people that do enjoy PvP and had fun with the trickster chest.


Must be a bunch of new players going for it cause when I was it was one or two players farming it for tokens.


There is some new players and old players. The main reason it was dead is because most people took a break until reborn comes out.


I like the sound of this idea, a lot more than the current trickster chest


This sounds like a wonderful idea!

But how about instead of everyone being locked in place at the graveyard and the zone being inaccessible until the event starts we have the following:

  • The area is free to port to at any time, no matter how long until the event starts.
  • The graveyard is always a safe zone.
  • PvP is “on” at all times exept for 30min before chest spawn. Effectivley making this area double up as an arena to fight friendly duels without risking items or durability.
  • When the chest spawns then PvP is activated for the whole zone enabling people to set up traps etc. to allow for more strategy play.


Why a trixter chest? Sure a random chest is fun but… Why not have it as a pvp only boss monster with a token drop? Demanding a group to kill to spice things up.
Having it invisible for none pvp players :-p

You can have it spawn every 10h or even once a week


Also take away Gear just to make it fair! Hey why not give everyone a Token just for participating.


I like all these suggestions. I didn’t think of having a good spot for practice and duels.

I don’t like this idea as much. I think it is better having everyone start in one place instead of spread throughout.


Yeah thats not a bad idea!