"Troll-Porting" : Portal Yes/No prompt


When you approach a portal, have it bring up a menu saying “You are about to enter a portal, do you agree to pass through?” Y/N buttons. Preferably this menu would “appear through” any bodies that might be in front of the menu, sort of an “always-top-level” image, if that is possible. If you walk away from the menu without selecting an option, the menu disappears. If they re-approach the portal after saying no or backing away, the y/n prompt will come up again. When the portal closes, all the prompts it generated are closed as well.

Additional option: Make this the default option for accepting portals, and in the options allow the player to disable it if they do not want the menu to appear, & just go through.

To be honest, trollporting is sort of a fun mechanic. I’ve never used it on anyone myself, I have seen it be abused on Piupau(or however you spell her name)… but it does remind me a bit of older games where this type of behavior was common(and worse - you’d get murdered & your gear taken too!) However this seems fairly reasonable for a game like Orbus.


Make it an actual door. Grab handle and pull to teleport. Done…

If you want to get really impressive, put the runes of the port ON the door. Will help others learn them faster as well and know what to ask for if the mage doesn’t have them all memorized.


I really like your idea, Tumoroh! Both the door and the runes on it - that way it isn’t as simple for a runemage to lie about that portal being to Highsteppe. I can envision some neat looking doors. I wonder if they’d all look the same with just runes to distinguish or slightly different in style depending upon destination :thinking:


This way you’d only have people trolling by placing them over actual in game doors. I expect the Highstepps home porch would get very crowded the first day. :stuck_out_tongue:

But no auto teleport, and knowing where it leads would solve a lot of issues. A unique door frame with the zone rune as a keystone for each zone could work.
Then one of the 3 specific location runes on the door itself? Alternately maybe some variation of a Stargate style portal with all runes on it, and those active highlighted? (that one would depend on how many future portal locations they intend to add)

Or just the current portal graphic with a shifting between the 2 active runes displayed in the middle that you have to “grab” and pull to activate.

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I prefer the idea of peaking through the door, most people know if you open the door in small intervals or slowly you can completely open it. I’d like to go up and grab a handle and peak through the crack to see what is on the other side.


That assumes what’s behind the door is rendered out. (often it isn’t, or isn’t very far) On a 2D portal plane, there would be nothing to see. Unless you are summoning a whole 3D blockout. Maybe only visible from one side? That sounds very cool, but code wise, I’d imagine, harder to pull off.


Think the thread has derailed a bit, but continuing this idea it would not be hard at all. The image doesn’t have to be a live render of the destination. It could just be an image that you see representing the target location with the sky colored according to the time.

I think the portals are fine, I don’t really need a door. A simple prompt though would be a good start for folk upset with troll porting.

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