Trouble walking forward with Rift!

Hey all, having trouble walking forward in Orbus! Sometimes it’ll let me go, but then i’ll immediately hit what seems to be an invisible wall. I can walk left to right, and backwards, but when I try to move forward i get stuck. Running with a gtx 1080. Video is here for visuals!:

Does it only happen in that one spot in Highsteppe? Or is this something that occurs pretty much everywhere? Also how large is your play space? (Like 2mx2m or…?)

Happens everywhere! And it’s 2.5 by 2.5

I have the same issue. If I am walking I don’t seem to hit a wall, but occasionally when I am maneuvering it will not allow me to go forward. I have to rotate, go in another direction and then try to line up a forward that works.

It is absolutely maddening at doors when you JUST can’t reach the knob.

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