Two minor graphical bugs (Beta 6)


The Confetti gun is upside down (Possible the sparkle gun as well, but I don’t currently have access to one. Also the checkmark for the ‘Breakdown this item?’ dialog has decided to migrate a bit to the south, out of its window. The checkmark still works, so it is still possible to breakdown items.


The breakdown checkmark is moved on everything right now. Please fix!


One other bug I just found. I gave my Necro Boss 2 a pet treat while at the beginning dragon race & the race actually started, though I couldn’t hit any of the triangles & the game just got kind of stuck after a bit (no falling animation, pet just stopped moving). Had to open the menu to leave the race.

Couldn’t stop laughing at how silly it looked though!


This is not a bug its a feature. Plus I need to see my raid pet pretties fly!