Two questions before I buy

I’ve had my eye on the game for awhile. I’m hovering over the buy option now but I need to know two things first:
How big is the download? I haven’t been able to find any information on that on google or steam and bandwidth is a bit limited right now.
How does this run on lower end systems? See I have a gtx770. It runs a surprising amount of VR titles like Robo Recall and Gorn perfectly well on lower settings. The thing is a trooper. I’m upgrading very soon but I won’t buy until I upgrade if I can’t play until then. So basically I’m asking how well optimized it is. I don’t expect great performance, I’m far below the minimum specs, but playable would be nice. As a frame of reference I’m just unable to play Virtual Rick-ality and Karnage Chronicle, a small FPS boost would make them possible. Robo Recall, Gorn, Accounting, Waltz of the Wizard all run “Okay”

the file download is puny, after download and uncompressed and it is on the hard drive it is 3993 MB, as far as performance i dont know how your graphics would hold, but for the longest time i played with a fx 6300 cpu, so it can be run below minimum specs if you play at the lowest settings. that said i did have a 1070, but it was completly bottle necked by the cpu

Thanks that’s super helpful. How well did it run under those conditions? I can deal with a few stutters but I don’t want to go to the earthquake dimension. Also, do you know if there’s any plans for the price to reduce/increase within the next little while? If not then I suppose I can buy it and try to run it since I’ll be getting it eventually anyway.

it ran really well, the only time i would get big stutters was shifting zones, i did get many crashes which was hardware related though, but that could be either the cpu or how i only had 8GB ram, but since upgrading those 2 things i have been perfect. and i dont think there has been any mention of a price change any time soon

Looking up your old CPU my i7 4770k is quite a bit better, it’s actually a bit bottlenecked by my GPU. I doubt it but you don’t remember a specific percentage your GPU was bottlenecked do you? It would give me a much better idea as to performance.
I think I’ll do a little more research but probably just end up risking it and buying the game. I’ve heard great things and it looks like a lot of fun. You’ve been very helpful, thanks a bunch.

yeah my old cpu was horrible xD, and no prob, the game is incredibly fun and addicting, if you see me ingame say hi, im a level 20 ranger name Kamina Hunt ingame

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Realized I could just look up the bottleneck myself. 19%, not nearly as much as I’d expect. I guess I could always overclock my 770.
I’ll definitely say hi if I see you. With how small the VR userbase is I assume this game has a fairly tight community?

It lags and stutters for me and I have a i7 7700 and a gtx 1080ti. I ise my SS at 2.5 no problems with any games.

I would say it is game side and not my hardware.

I would be cautious with the age of the gpu you have. The architecture such isnt as advanced as the lastest. Hope you buy and try.

Decided to take the risk and so far, at least in the tutorial area it ran perfectly smoothly. Met a guy and we teamed up to hunt some stags for two hours until we found the king stag. I’m excited to keep playing but man does my skull ache from keeping the headset on so long.

In case a similar question is googled later:
i7 4770k 3.5ghz
16gb ram
gtx770 GPU

Definitely running well enough to play.

i noticed a significant increase in performance when i chose to prioritize my cpu instead of my gpu. It’s in the nvidia settings in Surround display/physx

After switching to cpu, crowded areas on ultra were much smoother

i7 7700
16gb ram
gtx 1070

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If you are running it above 1.0 SS you will probably have performance problems. It would be better to run it on 1.0 and Ultra, as we have built-in MSAA so the SS isn’t as needed as some games that don’t have that. Just FYI.

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Cool, glad to hear it!

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Thank you Riley D.

I will adjust and test it when I get home from work.

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