Typo Scavenger Hunt


Just creating a thread for anyone to post about the typos they found in game so I can get them cleaned up. Thank you!


I’m not at my desk but the book where the airship is has $name in the text on 2 or more occasions.




One of the Wasteland Assassin Scavs were showing up as Assasian… I saw the name and got excited but it was only a scav.



“Wrold PVP”-page of the book

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Here are a few. I’ve spoiler tagged them because all of them are from the lore quests. (I’d rather be safe than sorry).


Comma seems to be misplaced: "…for some fishing advice, speak with…

Knight’a = Knight’s?

The kind not meant to be…

If you’re going to be around town…
Also, should “Knight’s of Patreayl” have an apostrophe? It isn’t a conjunction and it isn’t designating ownership of Patreayl.
…those who aided them.

Of being just isn’t quite right…
You get the feeling that she might have been (or something)?

…though he can be slimy as the fish I cook.

This last one is less a typo and more a context issue. And I honestly don’t remember what the previous dialog box said. The way this is phrased, it sounds like there are lots of crystals deeper in the mine and she can’t mine them because there are so many?


I looked through potion recipes, here some I found, without screenshots to not spoil anything:

Giant Potion: Finnaly > Finally
Emp. Strikes, Chameleon, 5x Emp. Strikes, 10x Emp. Strikes, Enh. Strikes (lvl 30), 5x Enh. Strikes (lvl 30): Finially > Finally
Runic Sight and Masked Scent: Turquoiuse > Turquoise
5x Luck: Space missing “Cactus (X2)when Green”
10x Emp. Strikes: wheen > when
10x Luck: superfluous space before “when Green”
Enh. Healing Potion (lvl 30) and 5x Enh. Healing (lvl 30): spaces missing before (X2)

Runetile Recipes: At least 9x Obisidian instead of Obsidian
One Rune (got no ss on this but should be easy to track): Lnstanium and Knight’s Tear > Linstanium and Knight’s Tear

Dyes: First letters not visible on left side for me, at all

Then there’s minor inconsensities which don’t bother me much like:
Queen’s Ear/Queens Ear, big/small x with or without space before number, Pine Cone, Pinecone, Spiralback, Spiral Back, da Magestic, Da Magestic
Not so minor:
Osheoth or Oseoth?
BloodMace, though likely correct, doesn’t look good

The only thing I’d like to see is a consistent Queen’s Ear (X3) instead of Queens Ear, Queens Ear, Queens Ear and the likes, but perhaps this is inconsistent on purpose to make it more natural.


Thank you to everyone who posted in here, Im going to start going through them and fixing them. I’ll update the thread as I get them fixed.

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I wanted to re-link this since a user put lots of work in it checkin texts, sure it’s from the beta in March so a little too early and some texts might be outdated, but I guess some issues are still relevant:

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Just wanted to update the thread I got everything fixed above other then the fixes in the rune tile recipes and the inconsistencies Metris posted.

I went through a lot of those if i remember correctly (I think I got them all but not 100% during the Beta, but I have had to update text/pages since then so it’s definitely possible I have added new ones since then) but never updated the thread.

Thanks for hunting, let me know if you found any more.

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More lore quest typos. Most of these are punctuation or missing words, so it’s entirely possible I’m just not interpreting them correctly. :slightly_smiling_face:


… I plan on making it this disaster… (seems to be missing a word?)

Who thought there was a reason? [She?]

There seems to be some punctuation missing - “Great, KatVet! Kaia…” or something similar.

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Also it should be “must have”


Or must’ve


Blowing a kiss to my Asian goddess, date night in the Wastelands.


The Scav looks harassed xD

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Nah, she uhh…uh… she just uh… forgot her purse at the house.

We were totally having a great time man.

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“Devine Demolition” - Paladin hammer.

I think it’s supposed to be “Divine”.