Unable to buy mount


When I click the button to buy a mount it says to remove my headset and proceed to Steam for verification, however when I go to Steam there is nothing there for me to verify. I’ve tried a few times now without success. I asked on Discord and was told to make sure the Steam overlay was enabled, however it was already enabled so that wasn’t the issue.


When you take off your headset, if you look/focus at the OrbusVR window directly, is there anything in front of it? I believe that is where the prompt would be, not the Steam one directly.


Nope, nowhere to be found :c


Make sure you have the steam overlay enabled for orbus, I had it turned off when I first tried to buy stuff and it never showed the window. Once I turned it back on it started showing.


Yeah, I said in the OP I had the enabled already.


Hey Reid,

Sorry you’re having that issue.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your setup? Which headset are you using, are you launching the game directly via Steam itself or outside of Steam, is Steam running? Is SteamVR running?


I’m using the Oculus Rift. Previously I was launching the game via SteamVR. However the issue seemed to go away, and I was able to buy the mount, when I launched the game directly from the Oculus home screen.

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