Unable to complete "Sword Training"


It says in the quest book that I have killed 3/1 dummies and all Guardian bart says is “To sp[eak with me, wave your hand at me in greeting with weapons sheathed.” I have my weapons put away and whenever I wave the chat simply reset. Please fix! Thank you!


Hey there, that’s very strange - can you try relogging real quick and see if that fixes it?


Sorry about the wait, wanted to take a break as I had been playing for a while. I have come back up to him and waved, the message simply reset itself to the “To speak to me…” If possible could you manipulate my player data so it thinks I have already finished this quest? I have already gone out to explore more of the place and have achieved a level of 6. Besides that this is the only thing stopping my main story line I believe. Thank you!


when did you first begin the tutorial?


From what I remember I really started playing two days ago, I basically started with that message.


Okay I will look into it in the morning when im behind my computer, what is you in game name?


topsnek. thank you! it says I need 20 chars so here it is


Okay Ill look into it today, and to be sure you only started playing the game and tutorial 2 days ago, or is it possible that you created a new character a while back and started tutorial? Only reason I ask is that the “Sword Training” quest that was part of the tutorial was removed a while back, so I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t giving it out anymore.


Oh, I did get on once near the day of release to be able to reserve my name. Besides that I only really started playing 2 days ago. Sorry about that confusion.


For some reason i found a similar bug when helping a low level through the chef quests, they did the first one but when we went back to the chef they could not even accept the next quest


Oh yes, that is the exact situation I’m in right now!


Wanted to track this down, can you give me a little more information on where you were at in the tutorial when you left? Had you finished collecting the queens ear in the arena and turned that in? Had you already killed the King Stag and brought the meat back to Guardian Bart?


Honestly I believe I have but there’s a chance it was done a while ago or before the resets before beta.


You should be good to go now, if you want to return to gardian bart and do the tutorial then speak with francis outside chef lethrows how to continue on the main story.


Thank you so much! 20 char thing


NP sorry i kinda lost track of this thread though the weeds, if you have any more problems let me know


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