Unable to grab Orbs or Turret at Broken Halls Endboss


This happens so frequently, only in one dungeon - more in shards than normal, due to my impression -, always at the very same fight that I wanted to check back if I am the only one or others also experiencing this.
I am usually changing orbs from poison to lifewell (Musky) on the very last ramp before Gorgon, the Broken Halls Endboss. After that, if I do not relog, I frequently loose any grabbing ability, no orbs are grab-able (or barely, after like 20 tries the one or other suddenly slips through), no turret, nothing, can also not grab the chest once it spawns.

I wonder if others experience same and if so, what might be the cause and possible workarounds. It could be switching orbs right before, or being too close/in the wall during the fight or just a bug happening every time, under certain conditions, at that ramp or bossfight, no matter what you do. I sent in 2 logs already as well.


You are not the only one. This also happens in non-shard but like you I have mostly seen it happen during Broken halls but it has happened to me during the Sewers as well. I also have to completely close out the game in order for it to reset.
I am not sure of a cause but I will keep an eye out and report a log if it happens again.
Could this relate to the scoundrel not being able to grab cards?

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