Unable to Progress in Main Story


I’ve completed Demanding Chef 2’s red truffel quest, however the next quest in the line doesn’t activate. Player name is wariven. Thank you in advance for your time.


before you started the chef quest 2, did you harvest an invisible red truffle (or prehaps the dragon harvested it), or had one in your inventory? this seems to be the way the quest breaks, just want to make sure this was the case so I know how to fix it.


Yes, I picked up the invisible red truffle. That’s definitely the case.


okay ill be able to fix it in the morning, on your player name are the capitalizations correct? wariven no capital letters?


Sorry, there is a capital letter, it is Wariven. Thank you so much for your time.


If you are logged off right now we are fixing it now, stay logged off for next 15 min ill let you know when its fixed @Steven_W2


Okay as logn as you were logged off should be fixed, delete all red truffle from your inventory then go talk with chef again, to get the chef quest 2 again, go to forest and you should get a quest called “forest Secrets” then pick up the knight emblem and red truffle near table, then return and speak with the guard.

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