Unable to remove people from the fellowship after hitting the cap

I have 30 people in the fellowship and I am unable to remove someone and invite someone new.
I am the fellowship leader and when I click the ‘remove player’ button after selecting someone, they do not get removed.

Please can you help?


I will take a look at this when I get a chance later today. Also if you PM me the person you want to remove I can do it manually for now since you’re at the limit.

So is 30 the cap for level 3 fellowship?

I can also confirm I’m having the same issue.

The cap for level 3 is 20.

If you PM me the person you want me to remove I will do it for you manually before this morning’s restart.

Okay so I think this issue should be solved now hopefully. What was happening I think is actually you couldn’t remove people from a Fellowship who were offline. Now you should be able to kick anyone from the Fellowship even if they are offline. So let me know if you run into this issue again. Thanks!

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Remove from fellowship, and remove from Party are both still broken last I checked.

It causes a lot of grief in game, and it makes people really reluctant to let folks join a fellowship.

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