Unable to speak with bishop during quest?

Hello all! I have a question…i’m on the main quest storyline, and i’ve had to bribe the guard to warn the bishop about an assassination

the next step in the quest journal is to speak with the bishop to warn him. but when i try to wave at the bishop after coming up to where he is, nothing happens. he has a blue icon above his head instead of an “!”

not sure if this is some kind of glitch? i didn’t specifically get the guard the items he needed to be bribed, but already seemed to have them in my inventory when i talked to him, which progressed the quest

Try speaking with the guard again, I think sometimes it seems like you have bribed him already when you just received the quest to do it. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

I also had an issue with that quest, and I logged out and back in to find out the talking part had already gone through for me.

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