Unable to Unequip wand


Had a Flames Eat the Wood [199], got a Flames Eat the Wood [319]. Without unequipping, I swapped out the new wand with the old one. I couldn’t get the tool tip to show up on the one I had equipped, so I tried to unequip it. No dice. I swapped the hand it was equipped to, and I could get the tool tip to show up. Swapped out the 199 for the 319 in inventory again. Tried to unequip the 199. No dice. Did stuck combat. No dice on unequip. Log in log out. No dice. Teleport. No dice. Graveyard. No dice.

Help me unequip my weapon. (Not talking about sheathing to be clear).

Just to be sure we’re on the same page, you can’t like move your wand from one slot to another slot in your inventory to unequip it. You can only swap another weapon into that slot. So basically you can never have two empty weapon slots.

If that’s not what you’re trying and it’s not working let me know and I’ll get some more info.

This is 100% correct. Guess I could’ve worded that better lol.

So the 319 is in your weapon slot? What do you mean by unequip the 199 then?

So. I had switched the 199 back because it didn’t seem like the 399 was making a difference. I couldn’t unequip it. The 319 is back in my weapon slot now. Doesn’t matter which one I try to unequip, I can’t. I can only swap them out. Haven’t tried using other class weapons as I don’t have them with me. I could try a fishing pole I suppose.

TLDR; Can’t have 2 empty weapon slots, started when I hotswapped a 319 FEtW for a 199 FEtW.

Okay right sorry I think we are miscommunicating.

You cannot have two weapon empty slots. That is the correct behavior and how it has always worked.

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Ohhh really?? Interesting. I could’ve sworn I was able to unequip a long long time ago. I am a dolt. Carry on.

No worries. We should probably show an error or something so you know it’s not broken.

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