Unable to update slot 11's price in market stall

I am having an issue updating the price for slot 11 in my stall. Please let me know if you need additional information. I also am having weird instances where I am not sure if there is money to withdraw. Could we please have a text box always present that says withdraw 0 dram (if there i nothing have it grey, and then update it pink or whatever and clickable when there is stuff to withdraw)

By having issues you mean it doesn’t change what’s there no matter what you do?

yeah it stays at the 0, but it will show the price to the veiwer. What sucks about it, is when you put something else in your stall and save prices you always have to change box 11 or else the price is 0

I’ve already reported this bug and the one with the withdraw funds, it should be on your bug report.

Understood. We’re tracking it now, we’ll look into it. Thanks for reporting!

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