Unlocking skills question

If I remember correctly: It was the plan for all the classes to not have everything unlocked from the start. Like some Ranger arrow types/skills can only be unlocked by finding the arrows from mobs, or completing certain quests. Or some Runemage spells can not be triggered until you have found a pillar and than unlocking the spell by using your book.

But because this is not the case yet and because the last reset will happen after this Beta, I can’t help to feel like this idea is either scrapped or it will be really strange that you can use every musket orb in early access. And than suddenly without a character reset, you lose most of your orbs out of your inventory because the unlock mechanic was added mid early access.

So my question is, what is the current plan (or no plan) of adding unlock mechanics for abilities, spells, orbs and/or arrows?


I would prefer if you have top unlock them so it feels like you get more combat options. I wish you could find additional orbs/arrows from enemies or craft them :slight_smile:

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Yeah this never really made it in. On the one hand, that does mean we are missing out right now on a bit of the typical MMO progression where you get new abilities as you level up. On the other hand, I think it’s kind of interesting that you have access to all the tools in your toolbox right away and they’re not artificially limited, and rather it’s your own ability to use them properly/effectively that is increasing.

One thing I am considering adding is a talent tree type of system. So rather than it being something where you gain completely new orbs or arrows as you level up from a trainer (which was our original plan), instead you would be unlocking additional bonuses or effects. So for example you might increase the duration of your Renew orb or increase the range of your Taunt horn. And maybe there would be like one new orb or arrow you could unlock as part of that as well.

This is something that would definitely never happen.


Exactly, progression seems to be nearly non-existant. I sooooo want this to be a thing. I think finding new orbs, arrows and whatever with fixed and random stats would be a GREAT way to deal with this.

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Talent tree would be a plus for sure, I like the idea of skills improving and leveling up the more you use them. Like your abilities with a sword improve the more you use swords and then you switch to say a mace and have to level that also. I also think having items that drop that have random stats instead of fixed stats will keep people out there farming and killing monsters trying to get better items, kind of like how diablo does items. Crafting items could also be this way so you might need to make a few of a particular item before you get one that you would want.

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This is exactly how our gear system works once you get to higher levels and start getting Rare and Epic gear. It has secondary and tertiary stats as well as affixes that are randomized.


With Talent trees I’d love to see an extensive tree that has way more slots than points to put into those slots so every character’s choices will differ, creating more diverse classes. For instance the musketeer can go up a healing branch that vastly improves healing leaving his combat abilities a bit basic. Perhaps one ability choice will be to combine the healing orb and the renew orb giving both effects with one shot etc.

I’d also love to see abilities that require classes to work together. Like a water orb for the musketeer that will leave a pool of water, causing enemies in pool to move slower, and a lightning spell for mages to hit that pool and stun all enemies in that pool. Or Alchemy that can make a flask of oil, when thrown will leave a pool of oil that while enemies are in the pool they have a chance to “trip” stunning for 1 sec. While that pool of oil is there if a mage casts a fireball or a ranger uses flaming arrows on the pool it will turn into a flaming area of effect losing the slip penalty but gaining an aoe dot. I’m sure there are plenty of other combos that can be created like that.

These are of course suggestions for later, perhaps the first expansion.


Yeah! That is a nice idea and actually makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? I think this would be a GREAT and easy to implement idea!

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I like and appreciate not being artificially gated by classic game mechanics. Playing VR games and going back to pancake games makes me really see the artificial chains that designers choose put on players.

Example: The first time I played World of Warcraft so so many years ago, coming from countless hours in RPGs like Morrowind and Ultima 7 & 8, and action cRPGs like Darkstone and of course Diablo, I was perplexed by a few limitations, but the biggest one was:
“I can’t cast spells unless I have an enemy targeted?! What kind of magic dweeb am I playing?”


Yeah, I honestly really enjoy having all the fundamental aspects of our classes available to us right from the beginning. I think @Jinx makes a really good point that even though that locked progression is a staple of traditional MMOs, it would feel extra artificial and limiting in a VR environment.

I’m all for some alternate methods of progression/refinement, akin to alternate advancement points in EQ or the Champion System in ESO, but I don’t want to have to start my runemage with a single spell and then have to wait until an arbitrary level to be able to cast another one, even if I already know it.

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I would be perfectly fine with finding orbs/arrows. I dont really need skills as in normal RPGS :slight_smile:

Maybe some skills which are consumable (limited use) so an empowered version of one of your arrows or orbs, or an item you use to increase your next spell’s effects or for warrior something to coat your weapon in for various effects

Maybe passive abilities. Like after 100 firebug kills you learn to do more 2% damage per hit on firebugs. And level that up.

What some are mentioning here reminds me of guildwars 2 weapon system. Your skills are unlocked after a certain level, just like training wheels, then your free to switch to what ever weapon you desire and train in that weapon until your trained on all weapons and you can switch when ever you wanted.

Skill tree sounds like a no brainer and i think would add depth to this game that i miss from some other MMO and RPG games i play pancake style.

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