Update on Head Start Purchase Deadline

Hey everyone,

I wanted to make a quick announcement regarding the purchase of the game and the Dec 13th Head Start. As you know, anyone who has purchased the game up until this point is eligible to participate in the Head Start Dec 13th. I had previously said that we would be taking the sale of the game down off our site tomorrow December 1st and that you had to purchase by then to be eligible for the Head Start.

We are extending that deadline to the end of the Beta, December 8th at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time.

So you have until December 8th to purchase the game from us and be eligible for the Head Start. The reason we are extending it is that we were misinformed about how the Steam and Oculus store transition would occur. I had thought we would be able to offer the game for pre-order on those stores beginning tomorrow, but that is not the case. Just a miscommunication which is no big deal, but I don’t want there to be a week of the Beta going on where people find out about the game and aren’t able to purchase it. So we will keep sales going on our site until the end of the Beta.

If you have any questions on that feel free to ask, and sorry for any confusion. We are going through and updating the relevant parts of the website now.



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